Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Celebration of Flowers

Spring and early summer are splendid for the profusion of colours and scents that assail us as we walk in the open air - be that in the city or in the country. The June market celebrates the flower and we'll be looking at the various uses - for eating and drinking as well as for wearing.

As usual the market is on the second Sunday of the month (9th June) at the Disznókő Estate, in the area around the Sárga Borház Restaurant where you can meet over 50 local artisans and discover more about their lovingly crafted products

Here is a taster of the programme
- FLOWER cordials, jams, teas, cakes, jewellery, clothes and accessories

- FLOWER-POWER workshop: making flower jewellery and decorations with producers - for young and older!
- GASTROADVENTURE: FLOWER DELICACIES one the plate and in the glass

- 10am-2pm PONY RIDING with the Hátas-tanya
- 11:00 "MÁD, THE SOURCE OF STRENGTH” guided wine tasting and guide with LÁSZLÓ ALKONYI
- from 10am WINE TASTING of Disznókő wines and at 1pm ESTATE AND CELLAR TOUR


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Monday, 3 June 2013

Mád - the source of strength

Hidden Treasures of Hegyalja
Mád: the source of strength
wine tasting and wine course with LÁSZLÓ ALKONYI

at the TOKAJ-HEGYALJA MARKET on 9th June 2013, 11am above the Sárga Borház

Photo - László Alkonyi

Mád is today the wine-making centre of the Tokaj Region.
Mád has the greatest number of cellars making high-quality wine. The most cellars, houses and vineyards are being renovated and restored here. The future of Mád will also determine the future of the whole wine region.

Wines at the tasting: Barta Pince: Király-dűlő, Szarka Pince: Juharos-dűlő, Holdvölgy: Betsek-dűlő, Demeter Zoltán: Veres-dűlő, Pelle Pince: Makovicza-dűlő, Szent Tamás: Percze-dűlő + egy meglepetés bor

We hope you can join us.
László Alkonyi and the market organisers

Please register in advance to:
and title the e-mail "mádi borkurzus"
Entry: 2000 Ft

And here is a rather unusual view of Mád

Photo - László Alkonyi

Unless otherwise stated all the photos on the blog are taken by Zsolt Szentirmai.

Tarcal - a pioneer

The second in the wine tasting course guided by the expert László Alkonyi took participants on a visit around the vineyards of Tarcal, including a couple of the most highly-respected winemakers in the region as well as promising new(er)comers like Árád-hegyi who joined the discoussion to talk more about the wine, the vintage and the vineyards.
Plenty of swirling - not only a beautiful sight, also a wonderful opportunity to explore the aromas of the wine.

And there was an impressive spread to savour...

The next tasting, this Sunday, will focus on the vineyards and wines of Mád. Post to follow :)