Thursday, 15 May 2014

In spite of the rain... design was not only "on the table"

It was abundant on the umbrellas - and this pretty much sums up the picture for the first couple of hours...

But, luckily, whoever would have imagined there are so many kinds of umbrellas in the world?! 


The camera even catches the drips at the tent of Sanyi Bodnár and his wife's tent, master and mistress of cheeses in Mád... 

But that does not deter the faithful. Look at the queue! People came to this market for a short intense burst of shopping. Most of these are regulars who know what they want, know what they like, and will come whatever the weather, snow or ice, so what's a little water from the skies?!

There were photos of warmer days, the exhibition of pictures in the series, "Through the eyes of a winemaker"

The Sárga Borház special menu was enough to warm up any soul... and remind them - with jazz ...

that it's early summer!
Cream of asparagus soup

and more lovely "designer asparagus" (delicious with Disznókő Furmint Dry by the way)

And for those with a sweeter tooth...

And by early afternoon the rain clouds had moved on, leaving people umbrella free!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pictures of Tokaj tasting with Laszlo Alkonyi - the first Kaláka Winery tasting at the Tokaj-Hegyalja Market

Tokaj’s Hidden Treasures: The same, but different: Tokaj, Tállya and Tökösmál

After two years of leading thematic wine tastings (grape variety, vineyard, town/village) at the Tokaj-Hegyalja Market, well-known wine author and photographer László Alkonyi shared his recently released wines from his new venture, Kaláka Winery.

Based in the village of Tállya, and with the help of sheep and goats, he is tending vineyards and giving wonderful photo-report of events. And, this Sunday, people were able to finally taste the fruits of his labours. Thank you László, for all your time and effort :)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

2014.04.11.Tokaj tasting with Laszlo Alkonyi

Tokaj’s Hidden Treasures
The same, but different: Tokaj, Tállya and Tökösmál

The same, but different:
Tállya is mystical.
Tállya is beautiful.
llya is unknown.
Tállya? We want to know it better!
At the wine tasting: the special wines of Kaláka Winery.

As László Alkonyi has started his own winery, releasing his own wines, the format of the wine tastings at the market will change somewhat.
We will invite winemakers to bring and present their own wines and, here to start the ball rolling, is László, the man who has taught us so much about the importance, character and questions related to the dűlő (vineyards) and their classification.

Welcome back to László with his new hat on!!

Please register in advance!

Registration to: e-mail
subject „Ugyanaz máshogy”.
Participation fee: 1000 Ft

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Photos from the last tasting

Just a taster of last month's tasting...

And we were joined by three winemakers who presented their wines!

Linda Bodnár of Paulay Borház

János Hajdú of Bodrog Borműhely

Dr Péter Molnár of Patricius Winery

And the line up...