Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Go with the flow with fish dishes

Life can be so beautiful when we feel we are moving with the current, smoothly and fluidly, like a fish in clear blue waters.
And artisan markets can provide just that sense of peace with the world....
So, go with the flow - the Tokaj wine region is fed by two majestic rivers, the Bodrog and the Tisza.

Fish in all forms: 
The traditional Hungarian specialty, fish soup, will be bubbling away in the cauldron at the market square
"FISH YOU LIKE" - at the stalls in all forms: marinated, smoked, baked, knitted, carved...
Fishing competition for "fisher children", fishing presentation for "Fisher folk"
And experts from Aggtelek National Park share their knowledge about "Fish in the river Bodrog"

The traditional market menu at the Sárga Borház Restaurant is, not surprisingly, all around fish
Birthday bonanza – The Tokaj-Hegyalja Market is celebrating three glorious years with cake, pálinka and music from market regulars Csaba Barsi and Agyagbanda
Even a market design retrospective through "Poster Tales: market history through our 33 posters"

The beautiful vineyard is perfect for the ponies of nearby Hátas Tanya who take children for a ride.