Monday, 11 June 2012

A budding community

of people happy to see each other again. The human ability to make connections and build relationships - and the joy this brings was clear from the moment I arrived yesterday. Smiling faces of producers greeted me and were on their faces when bid their goodbyes.

And I love this...

I would like to share a few gems I heard yesterday, the third market...

"It is so great to see each other again"

"I love my necklace and wear it every market. She is making matching earrings for me too."

"How wonderful that at last something is happening here in the Tokaj region and we need not wait for the state to do it." (This is expressed by many.)

"The quality of the goods is so high - there is no kitsch or plastic" - and we aim to keep it this way with a careful selection process (4 of the 7 organisers have to agree)

"My son loves cycling, so he goes out to the forest to collect the blackberries, sloes and elderflower. And I am still fit enough to go up the hills, down into the valleys - and I love it. We do not write that our jams and syrups are organic, but we know the fruits come from clean areas because we harvest them all."

"The market will soon outgrow itself" - so we will make some more space in the carpark to extend the area (and the police and their transport expert will join us this week to work out the best way to organise the traffic)

And from the volunteer community police woman whose face was shining after wandering around, who comes from the extremely deprived neighbouring village, "My mother crochets, my son is a smith and my daughter does embroidery. How can we join?"

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