Friday, 3 August 2012

Thirst for taste

The elixir of the holy sheep, soft clouds rhythmically munching the green shoots. The hairy pig, snuffling around in the orchard, savouring the curds from the freshly made cheese with stone-ground bran from the bread-flour milling. Enjoying the drunken apple from last year's harvest, snuggling into a self-made ditch with a handful or two or straw...

Wines, carefully made, shared. And the next possible step, the barrel-matured vinegars, with honey, herbs and fruits. Of Furmint, Muskotály and Aszú. Balsamic vinegar, caramel syrup that tingles with sweetness and acidity equal and opposite to a good Aszú.

A community buzz. People delighted to see old friends, and meet new. For a stranger is only a friend in waiting. How does that sound as a way to perceive the future?

Here is the poster in Hungarin, for the next market:

12th August 2012, 10am-5pm

And this time the market will be followed by a concert at the top of the hill. August means Zemplén Festival in Tokaj, and here at Disznókő we will also have a band playing too In Media Brass, leading us on a journey through time with their notes sounding out from the top of the hill. There will also be a wine tasting included in the 2000 HUF ticket. The market is obviously free.

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