Monday, 6 May 2013

Garden delights: seedlings and picnics!

The poster for this Sunday's market is already up - below - and here is a translation!

So, this Sunday we have the market again. Seedlings and plants! Kites and tastings! It promises to be yet another fest for mind, body and soul with over 50 devoted and inspired artisans.

A focus on seedlings and fresh spring vegetables, a theme that is carried through into the GastroAdventure of the picnic baskets from the Sárga Borház Restaurant. A great selection from the producers, bottle of wine and the chance to explore the wonderful Disznókő estate and see the Tokaj Hill from a different perspective.

Kite-making expert Kornél will be showing you how to make and fly your own kite from 10am to 1pm. Locals remember days when kites were flying every weekend at the Belvedere at the top of the hill. Literally flying into summer!

Curious to know more about wine? You may want to join the second in the series of wine tastings held by Tokaj expert László Alkonyi. The tastings focus on a different settlement of the region each market and this time the title is "From where it all began: Tarcal". It will be in the upstairs room of the restaurant (entrance at the back) and we ask people to register for the event at

As always there will be music - accordion and tárogató (a traditional Hungarian wind instrument similar to a clarinet). This was the wonderful combination last summer when the tárogató player met the accordionist for the first time - and they played happily for hours together, teaching and learning, learning and teaching! A joyful encounter indeed.

Alex, our guest barista, will be joining us again to create coffees in the restaurant and the Wine Boutique of Disznókő will be open. Guided tours of the estate at 1pm - take the opportunity to travel through the vineyards and cellars accompanying the route of the grape on its journey to the bottle.

Here in the wine region there is a joy in our market. Tied together by wine, we have much to celebrate - and the market gives us all the chance to do just that!

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