Monday, 30 September 2013

Cheese and must! 13th October

The next market focuses on must, the precursor to wines. There will be many a must to taste, a wide range of grapes - many of them old varities - as well as the finished product too. László Alkonyi will be presenting the wines of Mezőzombor - "The real charm of the aristocracy", and at the wine bar will be László Majoros (Tarcal) and, of course, the host Disznókő.

And what do we have for children? A puppet performance of one of Hungary's best-known stories, János Vitez, followed by a puppet-making workshop.
Horse riding with Nellie from the Hátas tanya. Let's hope she brings her beautiful dog again!
Running - well this is one for children and adults alike. Three distances (5, 10, 15 km) around the Disznkő estate. A superb run through the vineyards, round the back of the hil to see down into the Mád Basin and back round to finish at the market. Only 1000 Ft to enter - and every (adult) runner will receive a bottle of wine to enjoy!

Cooper presentation - see a master at work as he assembles and toasts a barrel. That the Tokaj Wine Region is famous for its wine is, in part, due to the high quality barrels made locally from the Sessile oak that grows in the Zemplén hills that shelter the vineyards from the cold northern winds. This traditional craft is thriving still, supporting the wines on their journeys as it has done for centuries.

Folk music and dance performance with a local group, the Tokaji Gyöngyszemek
More music? Of course! The spirited lads of Csángálló will be making music for us to dance to.

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