Thursday, 3 April 2014

Easter ham parade + Market Birthday!

Birthday cake
created by Csicsörke Jams! The market is already starting its second year :)

All-day events:
- Ham tasting
with mangalica pig farmers - Bari Organic and Kocsis
- Szóráth Pálinka

- Create Easter decorations
with local craftspeople
- Easter animal corner – meet and stroke the animals
- music to make you dance and smile – by Agyagbanda
- 10:00-13:00 kite-making and flying with Kornél and family
- 10:00-14:00 Pony riding
with Nellie of Hátas farm
- 14:00 “The world of colours – Bodrogkeresztúr, Bodrogkisfalud and Tokaj” – wine tasting and course with author LÁSZLÓ ALKONYI (more info next post!)
- GASTRO adventure in the Sárga Borház Restaurant: lamb ham tasting, lamb dishes on the market menu from “Keleméri Báránykák” 

How to find it? The Disznókő estate lies along the road 37 and starts by the Mád/Mezőzombor roundabout.

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