Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sprizer surprise

It has been REALLY hot in the region recently. So a refreshing spritzer (Fröccs in Hungarian) is so welcome. Thirst quenching, delicious, and beautiful as the bubbles float to the top. Effervescent wonder! With wines from up-and-coming young winemaker Dorka Homoky and real fruit cordials to taste.

Hungary in July is becoming golden, as the sunflowers bloom, the corn is ready for harvesting and the trees are heavy with juicy apricots - which will be on sale at the market. Perfect for jam making! Cooling apricot delights on the Sárga Borház terrace, shady play area for little ones, windmill and fan-making from recycled materials.

The market is, as usual, the second Sunday of the month, Sunday 12th July

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