Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A cheese fest

With most of the top local cheese producers who all came from less than 40km away (and two less than 10!). 

Cheese Row

They brought fresh and mature,
soft and hard, 

 plain and with herbs, from cow,


 and goat too. 
Even thick and creamy yoghurts mixed with fruits. Yum!

The Health and Safety inspectors came to visit and were delightful with their friendly and helpful approach. They spoke to each of the food producers, checking everything was in order, and giving advice as to how to make sure they can keep to all the regulations. A positive way to introduce themselves certainly.

And I think this was possibly everyone' favourite - the handcrafted wooden merry-go-round. Just a shame I'm not small enough to fit in one of the buckets!

So here are some photos to remind you of what was there - or give you a taster of what you might see if you can join us next time on Sunday June 10th to celebrate the 10th anniversary for Tokaj-Hegyalja as a World Heritage Site.

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