Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sunday May 13th is already nearly here

and with it the next Tokaj-Hegyalja market with even more to savour and experience. Artisans keen to join the market phone almost every day - a new goat cheese maker from Komlóska setting out on the cheese road who may not be have all her papers for this market, but who would love to join us next time. The "Hungarian pizza" maker who will use market products as toppings. A local baker and candlestickmaker... Maybe an exaggeration, but who knows!

So this theme is Cheese. And with an abundance of milk after the birth of calves, lambs and kids in the region there promises to be some delicious cheeses to taste from the very fresh to mature blue cheeses, properly smoked cheeses and hand-rolled paranyica. There will also be a wine tasting in the function room above the Sárga Borház where we will be joined by some of the region's top winemakers. So visitors really have a chance to explore Tokaj at its gateway, a fine introduction to some of the gastronomic treasures on offer here.

Disznókő wines will be on offer - with cheeses we think comlement the various winesThe traditional fusion of wine and cheese - and fairer than simply choosing "the best cheese". Was it ever going to be possible to do that? The wine tasting will start at 10.30 and tickets will be available in the Disznókő wine boutique.

This time we will also have a children's play area as well as a wooden merry-go-round. I haven't yet seen it but, looking at the quality of László Czegle's wooden creations, it promises to be both beautiful and fun for children. An ornithologist will join us too so there will be the chance to take a peek into the local bird life with an expert. There is also the "estate exploration" too - a guided chance to discover the Disznókő vineyards as the vines are starting to burst forth. You can also join a tour which finishes with a tasting of 6 Disznókő wines in the historic cellar under the Sárga Borház - the original press house for the estate. As well as live music. A jazz/folk band will be joining us this time so maybe there will even the chance to dance again!

So, we welcome old friends and new - for a stranger is only a friend you do not yet know!
Sunday 13th May - this Sunday from 10am with extended opening hours as requested. The fun and seriousness will play out until 5pm. I look forward to meeting you there.

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