Friday, 2 August 2013

Fashion and Design at the market

- handcrafts in the spotlight!: clothes, accessories, toys, baskets, bowls and other useful objects
- antique and second-hand items too for the first time
-13:00 Fashion show with models from the BODROG NÉPTÁNCEGYÜTTES dancers wearing clothes by MATYÓDESIGN, accessories from the market
- master craftsmen and women show their skills in: leatherwork, patchwork, woodwork, basketry at the "Masters" stall
-11:00 "ERDŐBÉNYE, a treasury of minerals” - wine tasting and course with LÁSZLÓ ALKONYI
- WINE-BAR: where the winemaker pours! - ÁBRAHÁM PINCE and DISZNÓKŐ behind the bar
- GASTRO ADVENTURE: Homemade ice cream and exciting combinations at the Sárga Borház
- 10:00 and 15:00 bike tour into the Mádi Basin + whole day bike hire with the TTHE TDM
- NO WASTE TOUR: games, advice about composting and recycling and FELTING
- accordion playing assures a great atmosphere
- 14:00 ESTATE AND CELLAR VISIT around the Disznókő Estate

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