Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Sárga Borház Restaurant - Part 2

The new label for the Sárga Borház range of wines. The name? It comes from the original press house for the Disznókő estate, the stunning 19th-century building which is now one of the region's top restaurants.

More info about the Sárga Borház:
  • Sárga Borház, the original press house on the Disznókő estate, means "Yellow Wine House" in English.
  • It is a popular lunching place for winemakers and the Confrérie de Tokaj,
  • offers daily specials and seasonal dishes as well as
  • a wide range of wines primarily from Tokaj, but also a selection of leading Hungarian producers and the other AXA properties in France and Portugal (including Château Pichon-Longueville and Quinta do Noval. The new wine list will be available soon.
  • Disznókő wine dinners give guests the chance to explore traditional and less so food and wine pairings,
  • there are also special menus for groups
  • and in summer the terrace is a great place to chill out under the shade of the huge chestnut trees!

Sárga Borház and the market
One of the supporters of our local artisan market, the Sárga Borház always prepares a special market menu with foods from the producers.
The shady terrace? Great for the summer market wine bar where the winemaker pours their wine. A place to soak up the relaxed atmosphere and enjoy each other's company!

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