Monday, 5 November 2012

Seasons change, and the market too

The next market is this Sunday, November 11th! The celebration of the hairy pig, the delightful old-breed mangalica! There will be photo exhibitions and talks given by producers, also of wine and pálinka. All of these involve tasting too - so plenty of sense stimulation for all. We've also put together a special edition booklet containing photos, descriptions and contact info for the wonderful producers that have come together to make this market a joy for all who come.

I am delighted to announce the Tokaj Women and Wine Association, a group of talented women passionate about the Tokaj region and its wines, will bring their successes to share. (There are proportionally more women in wine in the Tokaj region than any other in Hungary - and they produce some exceptional wines). If you'd like to discover this side of Tokaj, join them for the wine tasting in the room above the Sárga Borház.

Folk music and "wine song teaching/learning" from Tilla Török and her band, as well as a special performance by the Bodrog Néptáncegyüttes with their band Tényleg. Even stilt performers, the Garagulya Gólyalábas! So plenty of events this time too.

Other highlights include the Tokaj Conservation Society who will bring an exhibition and their publications (including a new release) and, for all you coffee lovers, prie-winning barista Alexandrosz Takács, will provide sustenance from the bean.

As we draw to an end of the first year of the Tokaj Hegyalja Market, on Saturday we will host a round-table discussion on markets, their role, setting up and sustaining. People from other markets (existent and still in dream stage) will join us for this sharing of experience and ideas. It promises to be an exciting meeting of minds and hearts!

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