Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The hairy pig

Well, rather more of a local produce festival than a market this time. We had:

(photos to come later :))

- an exhibition of photos taken at the Bari family organic farm of the "happy, hairy pigs". Twenty pigs who roam an 8 ha orchard of batú apples, plums, hawthorn and more with its own "muddy paradise" for mud treatments and cooling in the summer. They are fed the organic sweetcorn the couple grow. We wanted to share this wonderful example, so we took our photographer Zsolt Szentirmai to show market goers where their food comes from.

-  interviews on stage with the organic farmer: András Bari, with three winemakers of the Tokaj Women and Wine Association: Sarolta Bardos, Márta Wille-Baumkauff (biodynamic) and Edit Demeter, and with pálinka producers and market organisers Bestillo.
- a wine tasting offered by the Tokaj Women and Wine Association. A chance to meet the winemakers and find out more about them and their wines.

- pig roasting on the Sárga Borház terrace

- and the daily menu - sausages from our constant companions and mangalica pig breeders

- pálinka tasting by Bestillo

- and of course, a wine tasting by host Disznókő

a book presentation and exhibition by Totem, the Tokaj Conservation Society.

- an embroidery exhibition by the Hegyalja Master Craftsmen and Women Society, as well a stand with their varied and skilled work.

As always music was an important element at the market. We were joined by

-  the local Sárospatak Néptánc Egyesület who brought folk dance to the stage,

- accompanied by the Tényleg band

 - Tilla Török and her band who played folk music and taught (appropriately) "wine songs".

- and to open the festival-atmosphere, the Garagulyás stilt performers!

A quick mention of new producers too.
The mushrooms brought by the Tokaj Malta Society

Next market is on the 9th December: Advent.  I can't think of a better place to buy presents. items made with love and care. Hope you can join us!

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