Thursday, 15 November 2012

The power of the grant

Last week's extravaganza was made possible by a grant from the Hungarian National Rural Network which enabled us to invite more performers and exhibitors than ever before! What a treat for all as the photos in the last post show!

The performances, concerts, exhibitions, book presentation and tastings were all thanks to financial support given by the network. From their website: The task of Hungarian National Rural Network (HNRN) is to organize a network of all parties interested in rural development that means the organization of a network of interested governmental, local government and civil contributors, business and social organizations, professional bodies, as information and cooperative network, and the harmonization of its activities. The aims are: social and economic developments of the countryside, helping it reach the desired level, and the efficient utilization of funds.

We hope the market fulfills these aims, a market run by volunteers for the social and economic benefit of local people and the wider community. The associated conference certainly suggested there is great interest and devotion to the theme. The conference was just the first to be held. We plan to continue this project into the future.

Thanks again to the Network for allowing us to organise this parade of culture, community and exchange!

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